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Was the British Empire a force for good?

Image result for british empireNo.

Let me clarify. The Mongols killed almost 30,000,000 people, the Nazis directly and indirectly killed around 40,000,000. The British empire blows these atrocities out of the figurative ballpark. The death toll throughout history due to British action is over 150,000,000.

Let that sink in. The British killed almost 5 times as many people as the Mongols.

The British stood for over 300 years right? Most of those deaths must have occurred a long time ago right? Well, you’d be wrong. The Bengal famine was an artificially created famine.

In 1943, the rice harvest of Bengal was better than normal. It was certainly more than enough to support the population of Bengal. Then Winston Churchill, a war hero, diverted food grains away from India to supposedly fuel the war effort in Africa. The grains were found to be rotting away in granaries uneaten years after the war had concluded. To exacerbate the issue Churchill declined over a 1,000tonnes of rice Canada offered as well as 10,000 tons of wheat the USA offered. When interviewed about the Bengal Famine, Churchill the hypocrite said that the famine was the fault of the Bengalis for breeding like rabbits. In short Churchill created the famine which killed over 5,000,000 people.

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Churchill was a psychopath on the level of Hitler and Stalin. He was exonerated of his crimes by the virtue of being on the winning side.

That is why the British Empire with its murderous leaders was one of the most violent and bloodthirsty empires to ever stand in the face of this earth.

So no, the British empire was definitely not on the average a force for good.Image result for union jack

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