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Steam is broken. Period

Image result for steam=And I mean this in a positive sense. Steam so utterly and completely blows the competition out of the figurative ballpark. Don’t believe me? Name Steams closest competitor? Itch.io? GOG?

The truth however unpleasant is that Steam pretty much has a monopoly on PC games. No matter how much publishers like EA or Ubisoft try to shake things up, Valve has way too much staying power. It’s an industry giant like the likes of Apple, Microsoft or IBM, dominating their respective industries.

But then again, Industry giants are all that safe, are they? Blockbuster dominated video rental until Netflix came along, Yahoo dominated search before Google came along. The point being a competitor with a fresh new idea can shake up the whole industry.

I’ll be back next week with who I believe is to Steam, what Google was to Yahoo.

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