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PC Building Simulator lets you build your own PC, within 3 minutes.

Ever wanted to build your own PC just to game or for the fun of it and didn’t have the money or resources to do so?

Well, this game lets you Simulate the process of doing the same and does a great job at it as well, you won’t have to go to stores and haggle prices for parts or spend your nights unboxing throughly packaged parts. Oh, and you won’t have to worry about static that might ruin your hardware, rendering you contemplating about life for the next 3 hours.

With just a few clicks of a mouse, anyone can easily build their own PC and check if parts are compatible with each other and learn how to do it as well if its their first time doing so, making it great for kids.

PC Building Simulator is an indie game recently out on itch.io

Which contains a few bugs and logical errors, but that is understandable as the game is in the pre-alpha state and the team is doing a great job in mitigating the bugs as well. It also includes a tutorial just like most of the games which can help you get a kickstart in the game and also give you a basic understand of how computer components function with each other.

With the game industry exploding with sales of Truck Simulators, Flight Sims or even the infamous Goat Simulator, the dev’s of such games make it a point to make the experience as real as possible by having you flip switches and game mechanics as well. Well, PC Building Simulator by McIntyre is one step ahead, the game has you knee-deep in the process by having you screw motherboard screws and manually connect Molex Cables to enhance the learning experience.

The game isn’t that boring as well, aside from just building a few PC’s and deleting the game off your computer after you are done, This cross-platform game is supported on many OS’s and has native support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows as well.
It seems like the developers have some exciting additions that they are working on, news of a Career mode tells us that they are working on a step by step career having you work as a professional PC builder accepting income from your costumers and building rigs for them.

It is a pretty interesting game already and it sure will be a thrill to see where the dev’s will be leading the game towards. This one of its kind certainly possesses huge potential in the industry. If it has a fully fledged inventory, somewhere in the near future, match it up with PC Parts Picker and this duo has you all set to build your very own rig in real life as well.

For now, you can download the game for free on itch.io

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