Basic Technique: Mise en Place

Mise En Place

It can seem fussy and a tad neurotic, but without a doubt, a good mise en place will make you a better and more efficient cook! It’s one of the first lessons taught to new chefs in culinary school, and there’s a reason for it… Mise en place literally means ...

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Truth behind Marina Joyce’s Kidnapping.

Police perform a “checkup” after #savemarinajoyce hashtag trended worldwide – people thought of her to be kidnapped after hearing her whisper “save me” in a video. Marina Joyce, a  British Fashionista Vlogger, posted a video on July 22 titled “DATE OUTFIT IDEAS” in which she apparently whispered “Save Me” at ...

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Recipe – Double Chocolate Banana Cake!


  Every now and then it’s okay to indulge in a little treat, but this chocolate cake is lightened up enough that you won’t feel horrible for eating it. Instead of oil, there are bananas and applesauce, which make this cake tender and moist. The cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate chips make it decadent, without being overly ...

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5 Protein Packed Foods Sure To Make You Fitter


PROTEIN AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT Now, if you’re lean or fat or tall or short, you know that inside you, you’re not happy with the body you have. Even if you play sports and exercise regularly, you don’t seem to gain any muscle mass. This can be due to ...

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PoodleCorp hacks IISuperwomanII

PoodleCorp strikes again. Once again not satisfied by RedMercy’s suffering PoodleCorp now strikes at YouTube celebrity IISuperwomanII. She was the third of their high profile targets. Who is their next target? PewDiePie? This attack is seemingly random without any purpose at all. IISuperwomanII reported no threats before the hack. RedMercy was hacked ...

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What is Anonymous (and why does it exist)?

Recently I received a question on Quora. “What is Anonymous?” The question was provoking. What is Anonymous? Is it a group? A Society? A Hierarchy? An Ideal? A revolutionary group? Years went by, Anonymous remained an organisation shrouded in (well) anonymity, brought forward to the public consciousness through heavily publicized ...

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