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Microsoft apparently delivering a new ‘HoloLens’ in 2019

It’s been 2 years since the launch of the Microsoft HoloLens back in 2015 at the Windows 10 launch event, and I still remember the hype about it at that time, but over the years, the product suddenly disappeared and not much was heard about it. Well, Microsoft did start delivering developer units until last year, they still haven’t released the retail version yet, although you can buy a developer device for around $3,000 at your leisure. Apparently, Microsoft is still working on the retail version of the HoloLens.

While it is true since that time, a lot of other virtual relaity headsets have made their way into the market including some like the Orculus Rift, the HTC Vive, Magic Leap (Which apparently is the closest competitor to the HoloLens but is still way behind, according to rumors) and the like, but you have to admit, they aren’t quite on the same level as the HoloLens.

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The “future” is yet to arrive, kids.

I mean, where is the Minecraft that you can play in your bedroom and where are the “Check your Instagram feed while eating breakfast” abilities in the VR headsets currently in the market?

It seems like we’ll have to wait.

Word has it that, specifically a report from Thurrott claims that Microsoft is working on a third version of the HoloLens, and has decided to postpone its plans for the second version of the HoloLens and wants to focus on that. The report states that, by making this decision, Microsoft has given itself more time to focus on bigger changes and bugs and in the end, provide a better product. Microsoft seems quite chill about the situation at hand and apparently time is not an issue as Microsoft has quite a lack of competition.

According to the report, the successor to the HoloLens will be arriving in 2019, two years from now and 4 years from its initial stage. Microsoft hasn’t said much about the topic but its obvious that they will make major changes in design, portability, specs and processing power as well.

Let’s just hope Microsoft takes the time in delivering a great product.

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