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Japanese Researchers invent Holograms that you can touch

Isn’t this like, a decade further from our tech development schedule? Like, we haven’t even figured out how to make holograms as seen in… IronMan,


but I guess Microsoft’s already done it on their HoloLens, but it still isn’t that available to the mid-class people yet, easily at least, and here we have Japanese Haptics researchers from the University of Tokyo’s Department of Complexity Science and Engineering(DCSE) already working the touch feature out for us! (I’m not saying this will be easily available to the public yet, not in a few years, at least.) So lets get to the juicy part, Just imagine, you are on vacation, and you are skyping with your family back home, you can literally shake hands! or even high five each other, how cool is that? It’s not gotten to that point yet but if they work on it it might as well become way better than that.

They call their invention the “Haptoclone”, it’s a contraption that has technology that allows you to experience what they call “telehaptics”. Right now, the most we can do is send a holographic image, like a bag or ball for example, kept in  a box or a frame and send it to another box or a frame, and you can actually touch the 3d image, whats even cooler it automatically copies all of its features, etc. and displays in 3D on the other box.

“Imagine if you are in a zoo and there is a lion on the other side of the glass, you can be able to touch the lion and feel it”

`Yasutoshi Makino

They presented their invention earlier this year at Siggraph 2015, an international conference about computer graphics and technology.

Here is a quick overview and explaining on how they brought this to life, and also some mind-blowing proof of concepts aiding their idea.

What do you think? Will this be cheap enough to support regular mid-class people?

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