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PoodleCorp hacks IISuperwomanII

PoodleCorp strikes again.

Once again not satisfied by RedMercy’s suffering PoodleCorp now strikes at YouTube celebrity IISuperwomanII. She was the third of their high profile targets. Who is their next target? PewDiePie? This attack is seemingly random without any purpose at all. IISuperwomanII reported no threats before the hack. RedMercy was hacked without any warning or provocation at all. To the best of our information PoodleCorp is a mildly dangerous malicious organization.

PoodleCorpThen PoodleCorp to humiliate her further change the names of all her videos tho the ‘DOPEST VIDEO EVER.’ Here are some screenshots. Then PoodleCorp to humiliate her further change the names of all her videos tho the ‘DOPEST VIDEO EVER.’ Here are some screenshots.








They have taken malicious attempts at various prominent YouTube personalities like RedMercy, WatchMojo, and now IISuperwomanII. They have threatened to strike at other prominent Youtubers’s. At the time of writing they have not made any demands.  They strike right now seemingly at random. They also have put out a challenge on their twitter page stating that they will hack the account of anyone who re-tweets them 5 times.  Right now, PoodleCorp seems to be a malicious organization which seems to strike without rhyme or reason. They have no modus operandi other than getting publicity at the moment.It seems that they might be prepubescent, immature teenagers with too much money and too less control by their parents as their page shows(-psst-their page is a smoking black man). We’ll have you updated as new information comes into light.

UPDATE: YouTuber IISuperwomanII attempts to hide the hack in an attempt to save face. IISuperwomanII changed the names of her videos back to their original names almost immediately. However, her attempts to cover up have been fruitless. All the names she has changed as well as more have been changed to ‘DOPEST VIDEO EVER’. From this we can infer that PoodleCorp still has access to IISuperwomanII’s accounts. Who knows who’ll be PoodleCorp’s next target. It just might be you.

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