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Dubai set out to build the worlds tallest building, Again.

Ruler of Dubai, claps during a groundbreaking ceremony of the construction. Image courtesy: arabnews.com

Dubai is set out to build the world’s tallest tower again, this time to surpass the tower that Saudi Arabia is building in Jeddah, said to be rising more than a kilometer. The news became official when construction work started on Monday, claiming that this tower will rise taller than the worlds current largest skyscraper – ‘The Burj Khalifa’.

The ruler of Dubai, Shaikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum marked the start of building at the construction site at Dubai Creek Harbor, as the construction workers were laying the foundation for this beast of a building at quite a large patch of sand.

Currently, the worlds largest building, The Burj Khalifa is standing at 828 meters which is 2,700 feet high. This building “will be the worlds tallest tower when its construction finishes in 2020”, an official statement made at the ceremony.

Dubai’s major construction company, Emaar Properties, who are again this time in charge of this project said that this tower will be just a ‘notch’ higher than the Burj Khalifa, in April when they were announcing plans to build this tower.

However, Emaar Properties has not official announced the exact height of the tower yet.

Estimated cost of construction stands at around $1 billion which is 900 million euros, was said in April.

Emaar Properties Chairman officially announced that this tower will be completed before the Expo 2020 trade fair which Dubai has the chance to host.

This structure is designed by Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, who said that this tower will have observation decks that provide 360-degree views of the coastal city.

Back in April, Emaar Properties also claimed that this tower will be slender and thin, in the form of a minaret and will be anchored to the ground with strong and sturdy cables that will keep it upright and safe.

Dubai has successfully gained its image and reputation for building a lot of futuristic buildings, which have totally transformed its skyline as compared to that when the state was formed.


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