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Was the British Empire a force for good?

No. Let me clarify. The Mongols killed almost 30,000,000 people, the Nazis directly and indirectly killed around 40,000,000. The British empire blows these atrocities out of the figurative ballpark. The death toll throughout history due to British action is over 150,000,000. Let that sink in. The British killed almost 5 times as ...

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Steam is broken. Period

And I mean this in a positive sense. Steam so utterly and completely blows the competition out of the figurative ballpark. Don’t believe me? Name Steams closest competitor? Itch.io? GOG? The truth however unpleasant is that Steam pretty much has a monopoly on PC games. No matter how much publishers ...

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Brussels Explosion rocks Europe!

Brussels Explosion

Key Information The Brussels Explosion took place in two different, distinct blasts. 13 reported dead in blasts at Zaventem airport 15 dead and scores injured in Metro blast Airport on lockdown as train services suspended Brussels Explosion was initially though to be controlled Brussels Explosion is the second terrorist attack ...

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Goodyear reinvents the wheel!

Goodyear Wheel

Wheels are just circles that bend toward motion, helping cars convert sliding friction into rolling friction and therefore, reducing the power requirement and the increasing the speed. So, wheels are pretty simple, and they darn near perfect as they can be, so why bother. We at InnovativeReport review the new ...

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Falcon 9 Fifth Launch Live!

For the fifth time in just over a week, SpaceX is trying to launch its Falcon 9 Rocket. Am I stuck in a timeloop? Is any of this real? Am I here? Are you? Falcon 9, the prodigal rocket SpaceX is attempting to launch their Falcon Nine rocket for the ...

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