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PoodleCorp hacks IISuperwomanII

PoodleCorp strikes again. Once again not satisfied by RedMercy’s suffering PoodleCorp now strikes at YouTube celebrity IISuperwomanII. She was the third of their high profile targets. Who is their next target? PewDiePie? This attack is seemingly random without any purpose at all. IISuperwomanII reported no threats before the hack. RedMercy was hacked ...

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Common web application security flaws

Hi everyone! This is Shawar Khan and today i am going to tell you about the most common web application security flaws which are found in most of the web sites or web applications. For all developers and hackers, web application security is the main thing which is focused. Even a ...

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Raspberry Pi 3 released- At sale for $35

Well, here we have a new raspberrypi, yaay. They decided to launch a new product on their fourth birthday, they now support wifi and bluetooth 4.1 Sad for me because my rpi2 just shipped yesterday and I regret buying it now, but it was worth it! Surprisingly they this time ...

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