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What is Anonymous (and why does it exist)?

Recently I received a question on Quora. “What is Anonymous?” The question was provoking. What is Anonymous? Is it a group? A Society? A Hierarchy? An Ideal? A revolutionary group? Years went by, Anonymous remained an organisation shrouded in (well) anonymity, brought forward to the public consciousness through heavily publicized ...

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Innovative Food 2020! Lab-grown burger!

Cultured meat; grown at labs

Lab-grown burger from bovine stem cells could be on sale within 5 – 6 years  In 2013, the team cooked and ate a burger that cost € 215,000(AED 870,000) to produce the 142g ‘cultured beef’ patty, developed at Maastricht University, Netherlands was lightly fried in a butter and oil and ...

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