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Amazon Chooses India to Launch its new drone-driven Delivery service, Amazon Prime Air.

As technology innovates at a rapid fast rate, Amazon the highly famous online shopping website that has its branches in India as well as US, UK, Canada, launches delivery scheme, to be named “Amazon Prime Air” in which products are delivered to customers globally through drones. This scheme is to be tested in no other than tourist-attracting country, India. -IR.

In my opinion this would not only speed up the delivery process but would also be more secure, would require less precious energy ie. petroleum, also minimize the effects of human accidents through usage of machines, not leaving the fact that there could be a few disadvantages that include, the ability of taking control of drones by computer hackers, this is not new to the drone industry and has been happening frequently since the past few months, also there is no guarantee that the drone would deliver to the exact place as most online gps systems are unreliable in remote areas, which are a lot in India, and I think it wise to be tested in India, because if they do decide to launch it they would have already mapped the areas and found out all misshapenings and dislocation along with several other bugs, including theft, battery lowarage, heavier weight products, etc. Some site’s even claim that it delivers in a breathtaking half-hour time period.

Another reason not to be testing this system in the United states would be a recent law:

FAA (Federation of American Aviation) has termed flying unmanned vehicles as unacceptable. On the contrary India has no such law regulating drones, making it legitimate for flying.

There is another great concern regarding the usage of drones, electronic drones these days come shipped with live video camera’s, rendering them notoriously infamous for being misused as privacy invasion devices, Say, someone might think the drone was meant to spy on them and continue to capture it and, blow it up…

Amazon Prime Air ftw.

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