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The future is here, Samsung shows-off modular TV at CES 2016

Samsung have shown off a bunch of new, impressive, and pricey TVs at CES 2016. Nonetheless Samsung also had a booth at CES titled the Proximo TV Structure which basically shows off any of their concepts of what TVs in the future could hold for us, and one of those concepts involves modular TVs.

The idea of modularity isn’t new but we are gradually seeing it move into application, such as modular smartphones and smooth modular smartwatches, etc.

They call this booth the “Future TV Zone” which  includes two design concepts that show the possibility and ease of customization of these TV’s. This included the worlds largest SUHDTV, a beast of 170 inches that uses the modular techonology.

To spotlight the transformability of this technology, the transformable television can change its shape based on the content material it’s displaying. Whether or not users are watching the huge game, a excessive action blockbuster, or the night information, the transformable tv can keep exclusive ratios to satisfactory suit the content on the display screen. The tv can jump from a sixteen:nine display screen ratio to a 21:nine display screen, virtually by using splitting the screen into  parts and reassembling on the perimeters while making a decision to watch a wide display video like a film.

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