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Raspberry Pi 3 released- At sale for $35

Well, here we have a new raspberrypi, yaay. They decided to launch a new product on their fourth birthday, they now support wifi and bluetooth 4.1 Sad for me because my rpi2 just shipped yesterday and I regret buying it now, but it was worth it! Surprisingly they this time ...

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Kansas Shooting, Gunman kills 3!

Kansas Shooting

Kansas gunman kills 14, injures 3 before being shot dead by police. A gunman in Kansas opened fire at multiple locations, including his workplace, killing three people and injuring 14 others Thursday before he was shot and killed by authorities, police said. “Everyone says it can’t happen here…but it happened here”, says Sheriff ...

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Ninth Planet Discovered!

Ninth Planet

In early January, the news that an immense ninth planet likely exists beyond Pluto set the scientific community ablaze. We still have a lot to learn about this potential new solar sibling, but we do know that it’s huge—at least 10 times as massive as the Earth. The astronomers who ...

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Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona Player Ratings.

ARSENAL PLAYER RATINGS P.CECH 7.5/10 He made a couple of massive saves from Neymar and dealt with all of Barcelona’s crosses well but there was nothing he could do to stop the 2 goals. H.BELLERIN 6.5 Made some great challenges on Neymar but did get beaten by him on a ...

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Innovative Food 2020! Lab-grown burger!

Cultured meat; grown at labs

Lab-grown burger from bovine stem cells could be on sale within 5 – 6 years  In 2013, the team cooked and ate a burger that cost € 215,000(AED 870,000) to produce the 142g ‘cultured beef’ patty, developed at Maastricht University, Netherlands was lightly fried in a butter and oil and ...

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6 reasons why Arsenal will win the title.

1.Petr Cech At the starting of the season John Terry had said that he would save Arsenal 12-15 pts. he has already saved them plenty of points this season in games against Liverpool(H) and Man Utd(H) e.t.c. Though he might not have had the best start this season giving away ...

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The Lost Island of Atlantis

  Atlantis, the island of the titan Atlas, was one of the believed cradles of civilization. It was an island, as mentioned by Plato in two, not one of his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias. It was said to one of the nations of the ancient hubris. Now hubris nowadays means ...

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This site shows Global Cyber Wars Map, Live.

Global Cyber Wars Map I came across this site that shows the power of different countries and how much they spend in hacking other countries around the globe, this site was created by a US based company that monitors malware and spyware and they put effort into creating a stunning ...

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